Spread Some Kindness!

You clicked on this page and want to find out about how 
to volunteer. That means you're a generally awesome person 
with a heart of gold. We thank you for that and appreciate you! Read a little more about how we help YOU help others...

Start as Volunteer


You’ll get the chance to pick from five categories of Volunteer Opportunities in which you’re most interested in helping (but you're not limited to these). Your Opportunity Feed is unique to you and is based on where you currently are, and what types of organizations you'd most like to help.


JoeVolunteer is quick, it's easy to use, and it makes finding a place that you want to help really, really easy. Like, ridiculously easy.


Search all the opportunities by five types of the categories. Your opportunities are unique to you based on your location, and which type of organizations you want to help.

Quick process

Finding a place to help used to be tedious. No more! With JoeVolunteer you can get started FAST. You can start helping mankind with a few taps on your phone. We kid you not.


Tell ya' friends, tell ya' wife, tell ya' husband because we're helping everybody out here! Seriously, we'd love if you'd share this page, or with each volunteer opportunity you choose to help. It could bless a lot of people.

Spread kindness

I want to be a Joe, and get started on volunteering—and spreading A-OKs (Acts of Kindness). Click here to find out more, to know where to download the app, and to be introduced to opportunities that help make the world a better place.

Spread some kindness!

JoeVolunteer is making volunteering easy, fun, and COOL. We are putting a freaking dent in the UNIVERSE by increasing human kindness and volunteerism throughout the entire world by ten-fold. That’s not a typo-our Moms taught us to dream big.