About JoeVolunteer

JoeVolunteer is named both in honor of its visionary, and the fact that any 'ole, "Joe," can volunteer and make a difference 
in the lives of others.

JoeVolunteer started with a fellow by the name of Joe Polish going to a nursing home in the the Phoenix, AZ area. He was there to visit a good friend for a "gratitude dinner," which was attended by dozens of friends and family.

While there, Joe noticed a lonely soul that looked like they needed a friend. Well, there are a lot of people that would be thrilled to talk with this person, hear them out and let them know that someone cares.

The problem--the kind hearted people out there didn't know about this lonely person, and wouldn't know how to get started in helping them.

This got the wheels turning in his head (we should mention that Joe is a marketing genius) that there should be a great, easily accessible way to connect volunteers with organizations and people in need.

Joe shared this on his popular podcast, "I Love Marketing," with his hundreds of thousands of listeners, and invited someone to start the process of making a connector like this possible. Joe shared that we don't have a supply problem, we have a distribution problem. He put forth the question: wouldn't it be great if there was, like, an Uber for Volunteers?

One of the listeners, Chip Franks, heard that and it resonated with him. He has a son with Down Syndrome and had visited nursing homes with his kids for impromptu, "hug stations," and had seen the same exact situation with nursing homes. .

Chip wrote a plan, built the website, and got this enormous project underway with the blessings, guidance, and a LOT of help from Joe and his incredible group of friends.

With this vision--we set out to start JoeVolunteer. We went to the crowd with this idea, and raised over $55,000 to build this app, and it's being unleashed on the world! It helps our Joes (hopefully cool volunteers like you) to connect with organizations that need help, in real time. We'll also be able to match your preferences (say, if you'd like to work at a homeless shelter or a children's hospital, for instance) with the needs of the organizations. You'll also be able to rate your experience with them, so the worthy places can get the help they need

At this point, we're in our infancy, but make no mistake — JoeVolunteer, with your help, is going to make a dent in the freaking universe.

If you're interested in being a part of this movement, it's pretty easy to get started. Simply go to the iTunes store and download the JoeVolunteer App to your iPhone. There, you will see a little more about the app, login, and see the many, many opportunities to help your fellow human beings (or furry friends, as the case may be).

Your first task as a Joe? Help spread the word! Please share our site on Facebook, Twitter, or any other place where you hang out online. Let your noble, like-minded friends know about us and ask them to check out our operation. This is all about spreading kindness to others--so, if you do so we'd be very, very appreciative, and more importantly--more human beings will be helped due to your actions.

If you're an organization that needs volunteers (non-profits and charities, please), click on that and enter in the details of your organization, what you do, and all about the opportunity for others to help out—and we'll send some Joes your way to help soon!

Together, we're going to help change the world and make it a kinder place.

Thank you. Really.

Joe Polish

Joe Polish is the creator of Genius Network® Interview Series, founder of Genius Network® (also known as the 25K Group), and co-founder of 10XTalk.com, and ILoveMarketing.com, two highly popular free podcasts on iTunes. President of Piranha Marketing Inc. Joe has some very cool friends.

Chip Franks

Chip Franks is the husband of Laura, and Daddy to Mandy, Aly and The Amazing Alec. When not starting, "For Purpose," organizations that completely change the face of the world (this is said in fun, folks...), he's a real estate entrepreneur and aspiring author in Central Texas.

Spread some kindness!

JoeVolunteer is making volunteering easy, fun, and COOL. We are putting a freaking dent in the UNIVERSE by increasing human kindness and volunteerism throughout the entire world by ten-fold. That’s not a typo-our Moms taught us to dream big.